Shrimp Recipes

Shrimp Recipes

My family loves shrimp. We cook them up in a variety of ways that are sure to make your mouth water. Here are just a few of the shrimp recipes we've tried over the years. One thing is true about shrimp, and that is wild caught shrimp, done in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner is best for flavor and the future of shrimping world wide. If you live by the coast then buy locally caught shrimp whenever possible.

A consideration when cooking up a fresh batch of high quality shrimp is to keep the recipe simple and let the main ingredient come out front in flavor and not mask it with other flavors that threaten take over. Don't over cook your shrimp unless you like rubber shrimp. The rule of thumb is that as soon as they turn pink they are done.

I'm so hungry now, I think I'll go cook up a mess of Charleston Shrimp and Grits.

  1. alaskan shrimp
  2. alaskan shrimp soup
  3. almond fried shrimp
  4. asian grilled shrimp
  5. asian shrimp salad
  6. asparagus and shrimp risotto
  7. asparagus shrimp salad
  8. barbecue shrimp
  9. cajun shrimp soup
  10. calypso shrimp
  11. champagne shrimp and pasta
  12. charleston shrimp and grits
  13. cheesy shrimp and grits
  14. chilled shrimp fettuccine
  15. coconut shrimp
  16. crab stuffed shrimp
  17. fried shrimp
  18. garlic shrimp
  19. grapefruit and shrimp salad with honey soy dressing
  20. hot and sour shrimp lo mein
  21. jumbo shrimps with herb butter sauce
  22. kung pao shrimp
  23. popcorn shrimp
  24. quick grilled shrimp
  25. shrimp alfredo
  26. shrimp and grits
  27. shrimp bisque
  28. shrimp canapes
  29. shrimp creole
  30. shrimp curry
  31. shrimp dijon
  32. shrimp fried rice
  33. shrimp jambalaya
  34. shrimp pasta
  35. shrimp scampi
  36. shrimp sushi
  37. shrimp toast
  38. shrimp with shallots and mustard
  39. sichuan shrimp with chili sauce

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Not only do we love to eat shrimp, we also like to go out on the ocean, drop our best shrimp traps and catch a mess of dock shrimp. This is good eats!